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Toxic People

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Like every baby boomer I know, I grew up watching Charles Schultz’ “Peanuts” characters come to life on television. Schulz had a knack for bringing universal human tendencies to light via his lovable cartoon characters. Linus is the blanket-carrying insecure person, Lucy controlling and deceitful, Charlie Brown the consummate loser and Snoopy the personification of cool. But my favorite character is Pig Pen.


The Rip Tide

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If you spend any time near the ocean, you are likely to hear about a dangerous sea condition known as a Rip Tide. Rip Tides are responsible for dozens of drownings each year, rapidly sweeping unsuspecting swimmers out to sea. Yet, these deaths are preventable if you know how to respond to a Rip Tide.


The Middle Toe

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The middle toe on my right foot really hurt, so I pulled off my sock and shoe to investigate. It was sensitive to the touch and had accumulated a protective layer of skin over the tender area. Beneath the excess skin, I noticed a black dot. Unable to explain the origin of the dot or the extra skin, I started digging. I tore through the top layers of skin until I reached the sweet spot. Then I squeezed the outside of the toe to see what would happen. A small pool of liquid seeped out followed by a surprisingly large splinter. Once the splinter was removed, there was no more extra skin, no more liquid and most importantly, no more pain.


Taking Care

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They are the unspoken heroes of any town. You don't see them around much; they are not often out and about. They work tirelessly, long hours, mostly for no financial gain and sometimes little thanks. Theirs is a true labor of love because it's a job nobody wants. They won't admit it, but often they feel trapped in a position that launches them powerlessly slipping down a slide into a dark abyss, where the only savior from the life sentence is death itself. They are the caregivers.


The Canoe Ride

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The early morning lightshow of thunder and lightning should have been enough to dissuade my friend, Paul, and me from pursuing our Saturday morning canoe ride. Knowing that summer storms in Florida are common and fleeting, however, we continued to make our way down to the Peace River in spite of the huge black clouds overhead.


The Hammer

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Last week I saw a patient for the first time in eight years, and I was encouraged to see that she had lost weight, successfully weathered some of life’s storms and emerged with a positive attitude. Previously, we had worked together for almost a year to clean up several issues from a very painful childhood, and we were both quite pleased with her progress at the time. More recently, she had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, and her physician believed that reconnecting with her psychologist would be beneficial.


Veteran Teacher, Nokomis, FL

Dear Dr. Cortman,
As you know, the fourth graders at Laurel Nokomis School are in their second year of The Social Black Belt Program. I couldn't be happier with the results I am seeing with these kids. They are engaged with the lessons in class and have transferred this knowledge outside the class. I am in awe of how much they have learned regarding their emotions and social interactions. For example, a parent of one of my student's told me that her older daughter was being picked on in middle school. Her son, who is in my class, told his sister that she has to use "I" statements next time she gets picked on.  He went on to explain what he learned in The Social Black Belt class. She tried these later that week and it worked! Their mother couldn't thank me enough for teaching her son the tools he needs to get by in life. I have also seen positive changes in my students' behavior in the classroom. For example, a girl who would constantly get in trouble in class used to always blame others for her actions. She used to get angry at the other kids if she would have to miss out on a fun activity due to her acting out.

After taking The Social Black Belt class, she now realizes that she has a choice in how she reacts to others. She has gained more self-control and doesn't "feed off" the other students' behavior. She is acting more responsible and has more self-confidence than ever before! The list goes on and on.

As an 18 year veteran teacher, I wish I were given these tools to teach my former students who struggled with handling their emotions. Actually, as a former student with severe ADD, I wish I would have been taught these skills myself! I am so thankful to you and your colleagues for developing such a wonderful program. I see the benefits impacting so many. My hope is that The Social Black Belt will be a required class in all schools. Thank you again for all you have done and continue to do for our kids.

Dawn BlaszczykDawn Blaszczyk
Veteran Teacher, Nokomis, FL

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